WP 5 – Creating impact

The goal of WP 5 Creating Impact is to facilitate the take up of the technology and measurement infrastructure developed in the project by the measurement supply chain (accredited laboratories, instrument manufacturers), standards developing organisations (ISO, CEN/CENELEC) and end users (hydrogen industry, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers).

Workpackage deliverables

All deliverables from workpackage 5 of the MetroHyVe project can be found in the table below. All available documents are located in the section DOWNLOADS.

NumberDescriptionTypePartnersDelivery date
A5.3.8/5.D9Evidence of contributions to new or improved international standards with specific focus on ISO 14687, ISO 19880-1, ISO 19880-8 and ISO/AWI 21087.Reporting documentsNPL, all partnersMay 2020 (M36)

Contact information Workpackage leader

Indra te Ronde
E-mailaddress: indra.teronde@nen.nl
Telephone: (+31) 15 2690 406