WP 3 – Hydrogen quality control

Hydrogen quality control – To perform purity measurements of hydrogen following the implementation of quality control techniques specified in ISO 19880-8 and validate continuous online hydrogen purity analysers for measuring canary species (the key impurities that guarantee global quality of the hydrogen) at the HRS (WP3, M1-36).

EU Directive 2014/94/EU includes a mandate that outdoor HRSs must comply with the technical specifications in ISO/TS 20100 (which has now been replaced by ISO TC 19880-1). In order to implement the hydrogen quality control methods specified in this ISO standard and in ISO 19880-8, development and trialling of online purity analysers must be performed to ensure that they can continuously provide low level purity measurements without drifting and that hydrogen refuelling operators can easily install the instruments at HRSs. Without validating these quality control methods, the stations cannot have confidence in the performance and accuracy of the impurity analysers and it could also lead to the instruments providing incorrect measurements (allowing harmful levels of impurities to reach the hydrogen vehicle).  

Workpackage deliverables

All deliverables from workpackage 3 of the MetroHyVe project can be found in the table below. All available documents are located in the section DOWNLOADS.


NumberDescriptionTypePartnersDelivery date
A3.2.2/3.D5Good practice guide on calibrating commercial humidity sensors for use at HRSs. Good practice guideNPL, AP2E, CT, ITMMar 2019 (M22)
A3.3.4 Good practice guide for the use of TEOM to perform online particle mass determinations in hydrogen at a refuelling station. Good Practice Guide NPL, ITM May 2020 (M36)
A3.4.2/3.D6Report recommending the best strategies for developing and implementing low cost sensors for performing online measurement of impurities in hydrogen at refuelling stations. Download the report.ReportAir Liquide, VSLDec 2019 (M31)
A3.5.4 Public report containing the results from the intercomparison of online purity analysers. Public ReportVSL, Air Liquide, NPL, AP2E, CT, Shell Dec 2019 (M31)

Contact information Workpackage leader

Janneke van Wijk E-mailaddress: jvwijk@vsl.nl Telephone: (+31) 15 2691500