MetroHyVe questionnaire open for input

7 February

A MetroHyVe questionnaire has been prepared. The survey can be opened via this link, and it will close in 2020. Your input to this questionnaire will support the project by providing vital information based on your own experience and knowledge. The results of this questionnaire will directly influence the strategy of the project and hence the outcomes. Thank you for taking part in this survey.

Other articles

Hydrogen days 2018 - Andrés Rojo Esteban

4 July

Andrés Rojo Esteban has presented a poster on the HYDROGEN DAYS 2018 congress that was held in Praga from June 13th to June 15th. The poster shows mixed info from the METROHYVE and the HYDROGEN projects where CEM is currently involved with. Click here to view the poster of Andrés Rojo Esteban. Click here for more … Continued

MetroHyVe presentation on XXII IMEKO World Congress

26 June

Since no methodology currently exists for calibrating flow meters for hydrogen provided by refuelling stations, the MetroHyVe project intends to develop a metrological framework for testing hydrogen meters used to measure the mass of hydrogen dispensed into a fuel cell vehicle from a refuelling station. The subject of work package 1 (Flow metering) will be … Continued

Report of MetroHyVe SAB Workshop 24/01/2018 is now available

21 February

On 24 January 2018, the project held its first Stakeholder Advisory Board workshop from 09:00h to 17:00h at NEN, Vlinderweg 6, 2623 AX Delft, the Netherlands. The workshops were designed to allow non-project partners to provide comments and their own specific measurement challenges to the project. Invited participants included stakeholders, automotive manufacturers, laboratories, instrument manufacturers, … Continued